A detailed examination of the Floyd cycle detection algorithm in Ruby

In our discussions of Data Structures and Algorithms in Ruby we have investigated Singly Linked Lists and applied some standard methods on them including #push, #pop, #shift, #unshift, #get, #set, #remove, and #reverse. See here and here for the two articles going through these methods.

Odd as it may seem…

A simple algorithm coded in Ruby to find the next lexicographic permutation explained in detail.

What is a Lexicographic Permutation?

A permutation of a string or integer refers to the possible arrangements of the characters or numerals within the set. For example, “ab” has two permutations: “ab” and “ba.” A lexicographic permutation is a list of all possible permutations of a set in increasing numeric…

Anthony Lepore

Composer, playwright, designer for theater, jazz musician, philosopher, software engineer and technical writer for a FinTech firm in NYC.

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